UX / UI Design


1 Plutopay

Casestudie UX / UI Design / Responsive Website
5-months Course at CareerFoundry, 2021

Plutopay is a case study for a fictional banking app for Europe. It offers digital payment methods.

UX Research
UX Design
UI Design


  • QR code scan with smart phone
  • Instant payments to acquaintances and colleagues
  • Intuitive saving features for the sub-account

2 Lowpoly Augmented Reality

Concept UX / UI Design / Native App

Lowpoly is a concept for an AR application based on AR.js

Meine Aufgaben:

– UI Design
– JavaScript Prototype

Presentation of 3D objects
– Integration into a real urban environment

3 felix1.de

UI Design / Responsive Website
4-monatiges Projekt 2016/17

felix1.de is an online tax advisor portal for Germany. It offers a personal tax advisor for freelancers, companies and private individuals.

My tasks

Improvement of the UI design:

  • Extension of the design system
  • Newsletter design (tests for div. devices)
  • landing page
  • Search and filter function


  • Optimize the UX for the customer who wants to get a quick overview of the service
  • it is about real people, not software
  • Security and seriousness of felix1 should be made credible.

4 Pixtura, Humboldt University Berlin

UI Design, JavaScript Frontend / E-Learning Web-Software
Duration: 18 months, 2006/07
Freelance Project

Pixtura is an e-learning platform for students of art history at HU Berlin. Theory and practice chapters are offered for first-year students. Blended learning (with face-to-face teaching) is offered as a learning supplement.

My tasks:

  • Design system and UI design
  • Appearance for online and print
  • JavaScript programming for interactive prototypes


  • Improve learning for students, through exercises that can be studied at home on the computer.
  • Optimization of the lecturer activity in the preparation of the standardized learning material.